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in Download - 26 Apr, 2011
by Amit Gupta - 4 comments

sample database of books
As soon as the semester end is coming, students are downloading sample database most. So here i am including one more database file of books. Attached Zip file includes CSV,XML,MDB,XLS file for your reference. It is not a huge database. It contains a list of around 30-50 books with their author name, price & all. So you’ll not have to waste your time to create it.

Various version of database will help you to use it in any project. It also has images of listed books.
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Amit Gupta

Hey! this is Amit Gupta (amty). By profession, I am a Software Eng. And teaching is my passion. Sometimes I am a teacher, as you can see many technical tutorials on my site, sometimes I am a poet, And sometime just a friend of friends...

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  • tbrown777 //20 May 2012

    Hi, I downloaded the sample books database zip file but any attempt to extract the files meets with an enter password text box popup. Please help. Thank you. Tom

  • Amit Gupta //20 May 2012

    have you tried article-stack.com. if it doesn’t work then try thinkzarahatke.com

  • paulrys55 //11 Jun 2012

    What password is? please

  • Amit Gupta //13 Jun 2012

    have you tried article-stack.com or thinkzarahatke.com