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in Discussion & reviews - 28 May, 2011
by Amit Gupta - no comments


Everyone is interested to steal personal information of others. But sometimes it is needful. I already had written 3 articles for hacking/cracking passwords and what to avoid.

  1. Brute-force and dictionary attack, poor hacking tactics
  2. How to extract contents from locked zip files
  3. 5 efficient ways to hack locked folders

One more article that I hadn’t published is about keylogger. Let me describe key loggers in brief.

Key logger is an application which can be installed anyone’s PC. They are completely hidden and even the antivirus becomes failed to catch them. They monitor what you type. And all keystrokes can be viewed by the bad guy later who installed it on the machine. They also can be mailed without any notification. So might be your PC is its victim. Nobody needs to visit your place to get this information. That’s why I strongly avoid accessing mails through cyber cafes.

Well! My aim for writing this article is to share a very useful link with you and to improve knowledge in how to guess password.

No body want to forget his password. So he generally chose the password related to his past, someone’s name or some stuff. To make it difficult he uses special characters looks similar to English character. For example , @ in place of a or $ or 5 in place of S.

One more common habit is putting @123 or @1234 at the end of password.

Well it is not the end there are more tricks which make someone guess password and crack it easily.

My this article is inspired by How To Guessing Hacking Figuring Cracking Password Art Guide

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