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in How & Why - 13 Dec, 2010
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Many visitors are never interested to download the contents first then check them. They want to take snapshot about the contents from your site/article/post itself. You must help them to view documents online instead of downloading any document to their local PC or to installing any plugin. It’ll remove an overhead from your visitor and will increase hits on your site.

noticeboard embed everything to a webpage

What you need to embed

  1. Word document
  2. Power point presentation
  3. Excel worksheet
  4. PDF documents
  5. Video

I already had suggested about how to embed documents using google . But if you want to avoid any manual intervention then TGN plugin (for wordpress users) would be a good option.

How to use TGN

While writing an article, you can use short code to embed any document on your page. TGN must be installed in advance.

[ youtube article-stack]

[ videoreadr article-stack]

[ pdf article-stack]

[ powerpoint article-stack]

Microsoft Word
[ word article-stack]

Note that: remember to replace “article-stack” keyword with valid link for your documents or video ID.

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