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in Discussion & reviews - 10 Oct, 2010
by Amit Gupta - no comments

I agree with these two facts

  1. Most of the people use only google for searching. Even now the google has has taken place in English dictionary as a synonym of search.
  2. Most of the parent uses parent control software on their PC. So that their children would not have to face any unwanted contents knowingly or unknowingly.


Have you forgotten to ban google on your PC?

I need not to say “why?”. You experience it yourself. Lets do some exercise;

Search for some images with some spam or vulgar keywords on bing, yahoo and google.

You’ll see that Bing and Yahoo will not show you results which are banned by the government. Even you set safe search off in Bing, you’ll not get inappropriate result. On the other hand Yahoo will not allow you to off the safe search. If you get some vulgar suggestion and click them, still those results will be banned. This search depends on country to country. At least these results are banned in INDIA as per Indian Information Act.

bing image search result

yahoo image search result

On the other hand, if you search same keywords on google, you’ll surely get inappropriate result which are suitable for your children. You’ll get these results even if safe search is on.

google image search result

*i cropped the above image. Because the previous image, even after hiding the hiding some place, was banned.

Remember that the google is not only the option for searching in contrast of study. Read Powerset vs Google, who is better? for this.

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