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in Discussion & reviews - 11 Aug, 2011
by Amit Gupta - no comments

amtyThumb plugin provides best way to generate thumbnail of an image. It can extract first image from any post. It provides you a single function to do this.

Now just edit your any plugin to display thumbnail along with post list.

Go to setting page of WP-PostViews page. You will find following text in Most Viewed Template:

<li><a href="%POST_URL%"  title="%POST_TITLE%">%POST_TITLE%</a> - %VIEW_COUNT% views</li>

Add %THUMBNAIL% option to above text

<li><img src="%THUMBNAIL%" /><a href="%POST_URL%"  title="%POST_TITLE%">%POST_TITLE%</a> - %VIEW_COUNT% views</li>

Modify wp-postviews/wp-postviews.php
search for “$output .= $temp;”. Add below line just before the searched test.

$temp = str_replace("%THUMBNAIL%", amty_lead_img(75,75,1,'','','zoom',$post->ID);, $temp);

You can edit plugin in the same manner. Otherwise wait for coming version of amty Thumb Post which has capability to display mostly, recently, rarely …. posts with thumbnail and with any style.

Read more about using amtyThumb here. This article will guide you more about amty_lead_img() function & to insert a thumbnail in your post using shortcode.

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